Fathom the mind. Heal the world.

We believe that these global problems can be solved if we can better understand the nature and potentials of the consciousness.

The Center for Contemplative Research offers unprecedented long-term access to the contemplative technology necessary for scientists to study consciousness. 

The mission of CCR is to develop, apply, and proliferate methods of contemplative science — through expert training, collaborative research, and accessible education — to deepen empirical understanding of genuine well-being, further the exploration of the nature and potentials of consciousness, and offer accessible tools for flourishing to the world.

CCR Mind Labs

The Center for Contemplative Research has established a series of Mind Labs, a global network of groundbreaking research observatories that provide the ideal environments for dedicated contemplatives to explore the nature and potentials of consciousness firsthand, while fully engaging with scientists to develop rigorous measures for novel research into the nature of the mind. CCR’s primary location in Crestone, Colorado is a remote 110-acre hermitage.

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